Friday, May 5, 2017

Sushruta - The father of surgery - A forgotten Hero

My dear friends,

I am an Indian and I belong to a land of sages, the land of spiritualism and a land of persons who really have the attitude of brotherhood among the people of world. It is astonishing to note here that under the influence of foreign rule, the Indian science and philosophy vanished a lot.

I read in the first chapter of Sabiston's surgery about Sushruta's contribution to the development of surgery in the world and he recognized his contributions. He mentioned there, that why the western writers ignored this noble man? It is a matter of concern.

Why am I remembering the Sushruta and writing a blog because one should as a human being not ignore the contribution of anybody working for betterment of society.

In spite of doing all those innovations 3000 years before, he could not get desired place in history. One more thing regarding his principles of surgery, he mentioned that one should not jeopardize the blood supply of any tissue while performing surgical procedures. The perforators play an important part of revival of the tissue. 

Let us sign a petition to acknowledge the role of Acharya Sushruta in the development of surgery. 


Dr Praveen Choudhary