Sunday, January 8, 2017

Minimal Invasive Surgical approach in Fissure in ano

What is Anal Fissure?
Anal fissure is a very painful condition. Pain occurs while passing stool and it remains for a considerable period after the passing of stool. It is a linear crack in the skin of anal canal and it occurs in cases of hard stool trauma caused during passing of stool. Sometimes, it may also occur in cases of dysentry or irritable bowel syndrome.

What are the symptoms?

Pain is the chief complaint and it occurs during defecation and remains for a considerable time even after passing stool. The patients remain uncomfotable even during the daytime.
Bleeding may occur in fresh cases and it evantually stops in due course.
A small skin tag is formed at the end of fissure in chronic cases and it is known as sentinel tag.
Itching is also noticed by some patients.

Pus formation may occur in fissure and then it is termed as fistula in ano. There is narrowing of anal canal in fissure due to spasm of internal sphincter. It further increases the symptoms of fissure.


Keep bowel normal - Means avoid constipation by taking fibre rich diet and adeqaute exercise.
Taken warm water sitz bath by sitting in a tub of warm water.
Apply some soothing creams or oils.

If symptoms persist, then consult a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.


Dr Praveen Choudhary


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