Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Surgery in Ayurveda - reality and facts

Dear Friends,
India has been seen a country of spiritual discourses and occult sciences. However, there are some sciences who gave world a vision to develop and excel. Ayurveda is one among them. Since, we lived under foreign rule for a considerable period of time and it influenced our thought process as well as behavioural pattern.
When I ineract to my allopathic doctor friends, they outrightely reject the scientific aspects of Ayurveda and say that Ayurveda is an empirical medicine.
It is pertaining to mention here that the first surgical procedure and instruments were designed by famous Ayurvedic surgeon of India, the Sushruta. It is documented and variefied by Sabiston in his textbook. He mentioned that western writers ignored these ancient Indian surgeons.
The surgery in Ayurveda is a very developed discipline and many procedures and instruments have been mentioned in the Sushruta samhita. As a follower of this discipline, my efforts are to convince the people that we are still in a very confortable condition to treat some diseases. I am not against the allopathic medicines, even I admire the developments in that field.
It is a ripe time to practice and make some research in this field to propagate the science and it is the moral duty of all scientist to prove that Ayurveda is a scientific knowledge and not an empirical one.

Sushruta, the father of surgery didn't get the desired status in the world on account of geopolitical reasons. 

I have also seen that some unqualified and untrained persons practising some Ayurvedic procedures bring bad name to our system. I urge the people that please be sure that your treating physician should have a degree from a recongnised university. I have also seen some surgeons doing modern surgical operations in the name of ksharsutra. There are some graduates of Ayurveda who have been carrying out modern surgical procedures in the name of ksharsutra, it is not ethical practice and one should condemn such practices. 

We are sure that we would be able in near future to minimize the use of antibiotics and painkillers; instead, Ayurvedic drugs may be supplemented in their place. 

Jai Ayurveda

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