Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Ways to Keep The Health of the Heart in best condition

A few months before, I visited a village in hill area in Uttarakhand. I observed considerable high population of old people in the village. When I asked why?

The reply was, "Young people went to earn livelihood and children for education in cities." These elderly people were in best of residual health and brought some logistics by climbing on treks in mountains.

This is the best example how can we keep our heart in best of health.

The 10 ways to improve heart health:

1. Exercise - Aerobics or jogging for at least half an hour.

2. Sleep - For at least 6 to 7 hour and it should be deep sleep without dreams and rapid eye movement. 

3. Keep your stress levels as low as possible. It can be done by minimising your necessities and sparing quality time with family and friends.

4. Smile and laugh a lot.

5. Eat walnut and apricot daily along with gram and jaggery. 

6. Avoid fat in excess and take your energy from proteins such as milk, soya and pulses. 

7. Finish your work in time be it office or somewhere else. 

8. Don't smoke and drink. 

9. Drink a lot of water.

10. Check your sugar levels at regular intervals. 

Wishes for a healthy heart and life. 


Dr Praveen Choudhary

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