Thursday, July 28, 2016

Psoriasis - a notorious skin disorder

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I do come across several patients of long standing skin ailments in my outpatient department and psoriasis is one among them. As you may be aware that it is an autoimmune disorder. Owing to this reason, the complete eradication is remote.

How it looks?

It is characterized by skin patches with silver flakes on the lesions. It may be localized or generalized.

These are two videos showing the psoriasis lesions. 

How to manage a case of psoriasis?

1. Maintain healthy lifestyle
2. Vegetarian diet 
3. Plenty of fluids
4. Use of natural immunity boosters such as tinospora. neem, chirata etc. 
5. Anti-inflammatory drugs
6. Cytotoxic therapy in chronic and severe cases.

Local application of Writia tinctorea is found helpful in the form of paste or ointment. 


Dr Praveen Choudhary 

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