Friday, June 24, 2016

Is it worth worrying having cystic swelling on different parts of body?

I do come across an important question asked by many patients who have been suffering from cysts or lumps in different body parts, "Doctor, is it cancer?'

And my answer is no dear it is a simple cyst, don't worry and take some simple action like medicines or surgical removal followed by biopsy.

How to decide severity?

It is an important factor that these cysts are specific to some body parts and usually give no symptom except mild discomfort. They are purely a cosmetic issue.

The first question:

It is single or multiple?

The multiple swellings on body are mainly due to Lipoma or neurofibromatosis. Apart from these diseases lymph node swelling may be multiple. The difference is that the Lipomatosis (multiple lipoma) are typically occur on side wall of chest and abdomen, hands and back. The Neurofibroma occurs on entire body and lymphadenitis occur at anatomical site of lymph nodes such as neck, axilla, groin etc.


Lymph node enlargement:

Single swelling:

Post auricular dermoid:

External angular dermoid:

These are a few examples. Now the question is that what are the chances of malignant transformation of these lumps. There are negligible chances of malignant transformation in these cysts. 

Malignant nodules:
Let us have a look at the metastatic cancerous nodes below the skin.

What action should be taken?
I suggest the patient not to ignore even a small nodule and excisonal biopsy should be carried out after complete removal of the lump.


Dr Praveen Choudhary
New Delhi

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