Monday, May 2, 2016

The Natural treatment of Lichen Planus skin ailment

As you may be aware, that Lichen is a immune system related skin disease. The immune response may be triggered by stress, allergy, viral ailments and may also be genetically linked.

It is dangerous?

No, it is not dangerous, but it is quite discomforting and it causes severe cosmetic peoblems when a larger area of the skin is involved.

How it looks?

Let's have a look on the video of a patient suffering from hypertrophic Lichen planus.

What are the treatment modalities?

The treatment includes immunosuppresants, corticosteroids, retinoids, antihistamines etc. 

Natural cure:
1. Detoxification - Emesis, purgation and enemas are used to detox the body, it gives dramatic relief.
2. Soaking in oatmeal bath
3. Mud bath
4. Phototherapy


Dr Praveen Kumar Choudhary

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