Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bulging of swelling on cough (Impulse on cough) - A primary test for hernia

What is hernia?
It is protrusion of a viscus or a part of it through an abnormal opening in the body. It is primarily due to the weakness of muscle, a defect in supporting tissue and presence of some congenital pouches.

Which is a common hernia in males?

The commonest hernia in males is inguinal hernia. Situated in inguinal region or groin, it is of two types - Direct (due to muscle weakness) and indirect (due to presence of a patent processus vaginalis).

Which is commonest hernia in females?
Femoral hernia is mainly occurs in females and it is because of the broad pelvis and resultant broad femoral canal. The hernia comes through femoral canal. 

Incisional hernia?
It occurs on account of the weakness in the scar of previous surgery.

Congenital hernia?
It is presented since birth.

Treatment Options:
It is a surgical disease. The surgery includes three types of procedures such as:
1. Herniotomy: Removal of the sac in which hernia lies.
2. Hernioraphy: Repair of weak wall
3. Hernioplasty: Putting a mesh in wall to reinforce it

Dr Praveen Choudhary

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