Friday, April 29, 2016

Do all hernia need surgical intervention?

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I do come across many patients in my OPD who afraid of the idea of being treated by surgical interventions in diseases like hernia. The hernias are of different types according to the anatomical sites and contents. The commonest are:
1. Inguinal Hernia - Common in males
2. Ventral hernia - Hernia of the abdominal wall - Common in females
3. Femoral hernia - Common in females, but incidence are not common
4. Hernia of anterior abdominal wall such as Epigastric (Above umbilicus in the epigastrium), periumbilical and Umbilical.

Inguinal Hernia:

Umbilical Hernia:
Epigastric Hernia:
Incisional Hernia:
These are a few examples of certain hernias seen in human beings. Now come to an important question, whether one requires to perform surgical procedures in all these hernia. My point is that although the hernia is a surgical disease, yet there is no need to perform surgical procedures in all hernias.

Inguinal and Umbilical hernias are prone to get obstructed and there are chances of complications in these hernias. Therefore, they should be get operated. 

Epigastric and Periumbilical hernia may be managed by certain methods like wearing supports and taking care of flatulence etc. 

However in case of sudden pain and discomfort, medical attention should be sought immediately.   

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